9 Best French Grammar Checker (Free & Paid)

Grammar and spelling are two areas where most new learners trip. That’s why using a French grammar checker becomes important. 

 But unlike English, choosing a French grammar analyzing software is yet another confusing task considering the sea of available options. 

But fret not! I have done the research and compiled a list of the best French grammar and writing assistant tools, so you don’t have to rely on guesswork while choosing one. 

So if you’re ready to take your French writing skills to the next level, stick till the end and explore the best options! 

In a Nutshell: Best French Grammar Checker 

Let’s have a Quick Overview on Best French Grammar Checker

Tools Key Features Free Version Price Range 
Language Tool Corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style and includes a sentence paraphraser Yes $79.90 per year 
Grammalecte Corrects grammar, spelling, syntax, sentence redundancy, typography, and homonyms.  Yes Free tool  
Antidote Spelling, grammar, and style checker. Offers an API integration with other applications Yes Starts from $59.95
Scribens Offers grammar, spelling, and style suggestions Yes Starts from £9.90 per month 
Bon Patron  Grammar and spell checker, vocabulary suggestions Yes Starts from $16 per year 
Reverso Offers spelling, grammar, and style suggestions, in-built translator, and plagiarism checker Yes Starts from $6.49 per month
WhiteSmoke Offers grammar, style, and spell checkers along with a few additional features Yes Starts from $5 per month 
French Corrector Detects basic grammar, spelling, and style suggestions Yes Free 
Lingua French lessons of writing, reading, vocabulary, etc. Yes $9.99

Top 9 French Grammar Checker Tools To Try In 2024 

Most French grammar-checking tools include basic features like spelling and grammar checkers. But what makes writing software stand out from the rest is the additional features that make your text sound like a native author. 

Considering that, I have shortlisted some of the best French grammar checker tools you would benefit from:  

1. Language Tool 

Accuracy LevelGood 
Free Version/trialAvailable 
PriceFor individuals: $59.90 per year
For Teams: $113.80 per year 

You may have heard about Language Tool as an online grammar checker and writing assistant. But did you know that it supports multiple languages, including French, apart from English? 

This powerful software can efficiently check your writing for grammar, spelling, and other errors in each language, including French. 

In addition to these basic facilities, Language Tool includes a personal dictionary, provides performance scores, style & typography suggestions, and paraphrasing features. 

Additionally, the software has a comprehensive set of algorithms and rules that can detect verb conjugation, word order, gender agreement, etc. 

Language Tool Website Overview

Let’s have a quick look at Language Tool Pros and Cons.

Language Tool Pros 

  • Simple layout and easy user interface 
  • The readability feature detects long and wordy sentences 
  • The free version has adequate features to benefit beginners
  • Free browser extension

Language Tool Cons

  • The free version can check only up to 10,000 characters 
  • Sometimes the tool only highlights the errors and does not correct them

2. Grammalecte 

Accuracy Level Excellent 
Free Version/trialAvailable 
PriceFree software 

Grammalecte is probably the best French grammar checker out there that can detect even the most minor issues. It’s an open-source grammar checker providing suggestions for writing mistakes. 

Grammalecte has free Google Docs, Firefox extensions, and a few other web-based browsers. You can either copy and paste your work in Grammalecte’s input feature or check the text in real time in Google Docs. 

Grammalecte Website Overview

Let’s have a quick look at Grammalecte Pros and Cons.

Grammalecte Pros 

  • It can find a range of errors, from grammar and spelling to punctuation. 
  • Errors are color coded with appropriate explanations 
  • Offers additional features like a dictionary, verb conjugator, etc. 

Grammalecte Cons

  • The interface could have been more user-friendly. 
  • The tool only supports French, so translations aren’t available. 

3. Antidote 

Accuracy Level Excellent 
Free Version/trialAvailable 
PriceAntidote Plus:  $59.95 per year 
AntidotePlus Family: $99.95 per year 
Antidote 11: $129.95 one-time purchase 

The antidote is another French grammar checker that has secured the third position in this list. The antidote is well-rounded software that can check your work against a range of issues like grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence errors, etc. 

It can fix verb agreement, capitalization, redundancy, incorrect placement of commas, detect repetition, and more. Antidote also provides explanations for the issues so that users can understand and improve their French as they write. 

Antidote Website Overview

Let’s have a quick look at Antidote Pros and Cons.

Antidote Pros 

  • Provides a broad list of features that can check every writing issues 
  • The dictionary helps to find relevant words 
  • Simple user-interface 

Antidote Cons

  • Does not have a plagiarism checker 
  • May provide irrelevant suggestions at times 

4. Scribens

Accuracy Level Satisfactory 
Free Version/trialAvailable 
PriceMonthly:  £9.90 per month 
Three Months: £19.90 quarterly 
Yearly: $49.90 per year 

Scribens was another tool that I really enjoyed using when I was trying out different tools for checking French. The tool offers various suggestions to help users improve their writing skills in French. 

Scribens can identify common grammatical errors like subject-verb agreement, tense agreement, verb conjugation, and more. Additionally, it analyzes your writing style and provides feedback on ways to improve it. 

It also integrates with Google Docs, MS Word, Gmail, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc., to check your work on the go with ease. 

Scribens Website Overview

Let’s have a quick look at Scribens Pros and Cons.

Scribens Pros 

  • Allows creating a personal dictionary of frequently used words 
  • Easy to use 
  • Flexible integration options 
  • Advanced writing assistance 

Scribens Cons

  • Limited features in the free version
  • No plagiarism checker 

5. Lingua 

Free Version/trialAvailable
PricePremium: $9.90 for 1 year 

Last but not least, Lingua is another online application that can help you improve your French writing. Even though the tool isn’t primarily designed for learning or correcting French grammar, you can benefit from its extensive French learning resources. 

It offers free French learning resources such as vocabulary enhancement, reading excerpts, speaking and listening exercises, as well as writing exercises. These resources can help you write syntactically correct French, improve sentence structure, as well as work on your vocabulary. 

Lingua Website Overview

Let’s have a quick look at Lingua Pros and Cons.

Lingua Pros 

  • Provides constructive resources to learn and write French 
  • Multiple reading, dictation, and writing exercises 
  • User-friendly interface 

Lingua Cons

  • The free version has limited resources. 
  • It is more of a learning tool. 

6. Bon Patron  

Accuracy LevelAverage 
Free Version/trialAvailable 
PriceIndividual license: $16 per year 
(There are customized price plans for groups, academic institutes, and institutes, and you have to contact the Bon Patron team to know the pricing) 

Bon Patron is an excellent tool for beginners who have just started writing in French. It corrects various writing errors and provides explanations for the same in English. 

Bon Patron highlights issues in subject-verb agreement and sentence formation issues, and it has multiple input options, including copy-paste, document upload, and web page checking.  

But it allows checking not more than 500 words at a time in the free version. So if you want to check longer documents, you have to review them in fragments. 

Bon Patron Website Overview

Let’s have a quick look at Bon Patron Pros and Cons.

Bon Patron Pros 

  • High level of accuracy in identifying and correcting grammar issues 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Cost-effective option 

Bon Patron Cons

  • Sometimes provide generalized suggestions. 
  • Limited features in the free version and slow performance 

7. Reverso 

Free Version/trialAvailable 
PriceAnnually: £6.49 per month 
Monthly: £9.99 per month 

It is another online writing software that can help you correct your French writing. Reverso has established its reputation as a translation tool, but it can check basic grammar, spelling, and a few other errors. 

I would recommend this tool for advanced writers who already have a good command of French because the tool does not provide thorough suggestions. This is because Reverso is especially meant as a translation tool; hence it does not stress enough correcting grammar. 

Therefore, users need to carefully accept the tool’s suggestions and cross-check them. 

Reverso Website Overview

Let’s have a quick look at Reverso Pros and Cons.

Reverso Pros 

  • The translation feature offers accurate outputs. 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Corrects gender agreement issues 

Reverso Cons

  • Very limited suggestions 
  • The free version supports only 2000 characters at a time. 

9. WhiteSmoke 

Free Version/trialAvailable
PriceWeb: $5 per month 
Premium: $6.66 per month 
Business: $11.55 per month 

WhiteSmoke is a multilingual writing software that supports 50 plus languages, including French. The tool can review your text against grammar, sentence formation, punctuation, spelling, and related issues and provide suggestions to correct them. 

Its special translation feature allows you to paste your text into English and translate it to one of the listed 50 languages. For instance, you can write the entire document in English, check for all possible writing errors in the tool, and, lastly, translate it into French. It’s a great way to ensure your French text is free from any typological or grammatical errors. 

WhiteSmoke Website Overview

Let’s have a quick look at WhiteSmoke Pros and Cons.


  • Provides a wide range of correction and sentence improvement suggestions 
  • Includes a plagiarism checker 
  • Easy integration with other tools 

WhiteSmoke Cons

  • The translation tool is available only in the paid version 
  • Slow performance when it comes to loading longer pieces of content 

0. French Corrector 

Free Version/trialAvailable
PriceFree tool 

French Corrector is a free online tool to check your text against possible flaws. The tool’s interface is very similar to the Language tool. You simply have to copy and paste your text into the software, and it will point out faulty areas and offer suggestions to correct them, and you have to correct them manually. 

Please note that you can’t blindly trust the tool to take care of the mistakes. It will give you basic suggestions only, and you have to apply them as per your understanding. 

French Corrector Website Overview

Let’s have a quick look at French Corrector Pros and Cons.

French Corrector Pros 

  • Offers suggestions to improve the style and tone of the text 
  • It can correct basic grammar and spelling mistakes 
  • Simple and easy interface 

French Corrector Cons

  • Only supports the French language. 
  • Limited features 

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Final Thoughts On French Grammar Checker! 

One of the biggest challenges we face while learning a new language like French is mastering grammar, which necessitates the importance of investing in a writing tool. Therefore, I created a list of the best French grammar checkers that will work as your right hand in correcting your French text. 

Since everyone’s writing goal is different, you need to pick options that match your command of the language. If you’re a beginner, I would recommend going for simpler tools like Bon Patron or Grammalecte, and advanced learners can pick options like Antidote, Scribens, etc. 

Need more assistance in choosing the right French grammar checker? Ask your queries in the comments.

FAQs : Best French Grammar Checker

What Are Some Common Features To Look For In A French Grammar Checker?

You must check out features like grammar, spelling, and punctuation checkers, as well as suggestions for sentence and vocabulary improvement. Also, the tool should have an easy user interface. 

Does Grammarly Support The French Language? 

No, currently, Grammarly does not support any other language except English. 

Are The French Grammar Checker Tools Safe To Use? 

Most French grammar checker tools have a strict security and privacy policy in place to protect user data. But minimize privacy concerns, and use well-known and established software with a good user base. 

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