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Spelling and grammar mistakes can be very embarrassing, especially when you publish your work online. Also, ensuring your work is grammatically correct before sending emails or messages to your clients is crucial. 

Grammarly is here to fix those issues for you. This tool is here to help you write better and error-free. Even though there is a Grammarly free version, it does not help you with more thorough checking, so opting for the premium plan is the best thing to do. 

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But since Grammar premium is a paid plan, many users want to know if they can avail of any discounts. In this article, I’ll discuss current Grammarly discounts and how to get them in detail. 

Is Grammarly Offering Any Discounts? 

No, Grammarly isn’t offering any discount on its plans at the moment. It’s rare for sites like Grammarly to offer discounts that often due to the credibility of their platform. I can understand that getting Grammarly premium at its original price is actually quite an investment, especially for students.

But there is a hack using which you can use Grammarly premium features at a much cheaper price. 

If you subscribe to a Grammarly monthly plan, it’ll cost you $360 per year. Spending such a significant sum isn’t feasible for students and freelancers. However, by opting for the annual plan, you save a significant amount. Grammarly charges $30 for the monthly plan while the charges for the annual plan is $12 making the yearly plan much more profitable. 

Additionally, Grammarly runs offers on special days like Black Friday, etc. If you’re lucky, you can get the subscription during the sale time. 

How To Claim The Grammarly Discount? 

Follow the steps mentioned below to claim the current Grammarly discount:

  • Step One: Click here to visit the Grammarly discount page. 
  • Step Two: Upon visiting the page, you’ll see the discount price options. 
  • Step Three: Decide which plan you want to get and click on the switch to Annual/ Quarterly/ Monthly. 
  • Step Four: Click on proceed with the payment, enter the required details, and start enjoying the Premium Services. 

Alternatively Way To Unlock Grammarly Discount.

  • Step One: Visit the Grammarly page and click on get Grammarly. 
  • Step Two: Install the Grammarly extension on your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) 
  • Step Three: After installing the Grammarly extension, sign up with your email id, set a password, and click on Agree & Sign Up tab. 
  • Step Four: Once you get logged in, click on the star-shaped tab saying Premium. 
  • Step Five: Grammarly will take you to the plan selection page. Click on Premium or business plan, and you’ll see the discounted price. 
  • Step Six: Make payments, and you’re all set to use Grammarly premium. 
Grammarly pricing plans

Grammarly Original Price Plan: Explained 

If you miss the offer period and read this article late, you may want to know the original price of Grammarly, right? 

Here is the original price plan of Grammarly, and to be honest, there is some difference between the two plans- 

Monthly Quarterly Annual 
$30 per month $20 per month $12 per month 

In addition to helping with grammar and spelling, the premium plan helps you with proper word choice, complete sentence rewrites, tone suggestions, citations, and checking plagiarized content. 

Grammarly plans- Grammarly discount

Does Grammarly Offer Discounts For Special Citizens & Students? 

No, Grammarly does not offer any special discounts for students or special citizens. All users, irrespective of their age, designation, or profession, have to select from the available plans. 

But Grammarly has a unique enterprise plan for educational institutes. Some additional features included in the enterprise plan are- vocabulary enhancement tools, advanced writing suggestions, integration into the daily used apps and websites, along with the plagiarism check. 

Important Note: Certain platforms at times offer special Grammarly discounts for students, teachers, and professional writers. Keep on the lookout for such offers as well. 

What Are The Special Features Of Grammarly Premium? 

Mentioned below are some of the special features offered by Grammarly- 

  • Sentence clarity suggestions to increase the readability of your content piece. 
  • Grammarly’s in-built plagiarism detection tool shows matching results against your writing if any. It helps you fix the plagiarized text to ensure your content is 100% original. 
  • It gives fluency and consistency suggestions. You’ll see suggestions to use proper words in the appropriate context. 
  • Grammarly introduced advanced integration suggestions, and you use the Grammarly extension in Google docs, Microsoft Word, etc. 

That’s not it. There is more this tool has to offer; you have to use the tool to get first-hand experience of the amazing features. 

How To Check For Grammarly Discounts? 

The easiest and the only way to check for Grammarly discounts is to visit the Grammarly official page. Or you can simply check Google or any other search engine for Grammarly discounts, and results will show you results, if any. 

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Takeaway on Grammarly discount

Grammarly offers discounts from time to time in partnership with different platforms. These discounts are the best opportunities to get this writing aid tool and write clear, free-flowing, plagiarism and error-free articles, blog posts, emails, e-books, etc. 

Follow the tips I shared and avail Grammarly discount today. If you have additional queries regarding the Grammarly discount, drop them in the comments!  

Frequently Asked Questions on Grammarly discount

Is There Any Cheaper Alternative To Grammarly? 

Yes, there are other Grammarly alternatives like Prowritingaid, Ginger, Duplichecker, etc. But these writing tools are not as efficient as Grammarly. 

Is Grammarly Worth Buying? 

Yes, Grammarly is definitely worth buying for people with writing as their primary job. No other writing tool is as advanced as Grammarly now; hence, it’s a must-have to make your writing flawless. 

Does Grammarly Have A Refund Policy? 

No, Grammarly does not have a refund policy. Grammarly may offer a free trial from time to time, but all their paid subscriptions are non-refundable. 

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