How to Add Grammarly to Outlook

How To Add Grammarly To Microsoft Outlook (Easy Guide)

If you are wondering how to add Grammarly to Outlook? Then we have got you covered. 

MS Outlook is one of the most popular email services. Proofreading and examining the work on Outlook to determine the writing errors can be a troublesome task.

But Grammarly has turned out to be your savior to help you enhance the quality of email and other writing in Outlook. 

This article will provide you with a detailed process to help you add Grammarly to word. To learn more, let’s have a closer look into the details. 

Grammarly Overview

Grammarly is the most efficient tool, which is backed by AI. It helps you improvise your writing skills by providing essential suggestions. 

With the help of Add-ins of Grammarly, you are provided with real-time suggestions to help you unleash your creativity and enhance the readability of your content.  If you want to know more about Grammarly, here is a detailed review for the same where we have explained all the Grammarly features.

By adding Grammarly for Outlook or word, you can easily impart suggestions or corrections to your emails or documents. 

How to add Grammarly to Outlook?

Installing Grammarly for Outlook is a straightforward process as compared to installing it for Gmail or other programs. To get a complete insight on how to add Grammarly for Outlook, go through the guide provided below. 

Step 1- Go to the web page of Grammarly for  MS Word and Outlook

The first step is to visit the web page of Grammarly for MS Word and Outlook and click on the “Get the add-in” option visible on the screen.

Grammarly for microsoft word and outlook

Step 2- Download the app to your PC

Once you click on “Get add-in,” the Grammarly plugin for Microsoft office is downloaded. After the file is downloaded, double-tap on GrammalryAddInSetup.exe and start the process of installation. 

Step 3- Click on get started

After you have downloaded the file, click on the “Get Started “ button. 

get started with grammarly

Step 4- Select whether you want to install it for Outlook or Word 

Once you click on Get Started, the next step is to select whether you want to install Grammarly for Outlook or Grammarly for Word or for both. 

install grammarly for outlook

Step 5- Install Grammarly add-in

The Grammarly add-in is installed for Outlook after you have selected the option of Grammarly for Outlook. 

Step 6- Head toward Outlook 

The next step is to open outlook and select the Grammarly option present in the ribbon at the top of the screen. 

After selecting the Grammarly option, you will have to create a Grammarly account by filling up the necessary details. If you already have your account, you can log in and start accessing. 

Grammarly features for Outlook

Grammarly offers various features add-in that you can access on Outlook. Below are a few of them.

  • Grammar and Spelling checker. 
  • Imparts Clarity and appropriate tone to your text.
  • Citation generator and Essay checker.
  • It allows you to create your personalized dictionary by adding sentences and words as per your preferences. 

Grammarly Pricing Plans

Grammarly offers three pricing plans: Grammarly Free, Premium, and Business.

The free plan offered by Grammarly can only assist you with basic writing suggestions, tone detection, grammatical and punctuation errors. 

Grammarly’s premium plan provides everything for free, plus vocabulary ideas, re-structuring full sentences, tone suggestions, citations, and more.

Bonus: If you are confused between Grammarly free and premium version , you can check out our detailed comparison on Grammarly Free vs Premium.

The business plan for Grammarly costs you around $15/person per month. It includes everything in premium plus various team features like style guides, brand tones, snippets, centralized billings, and more. Know in depth about Grammarly Business with our review here.

The individual is divided into three parts:

PlansPer Month PriceAnnual Cost

You can get upto 20% off on Grammarly Premium plan. Additionally, you can save upto 60% during their Black Friday Sale in the month of November.

Final Thoughts On How to add Grammarly to Outlook

Using Grammarly for Outlook is an ultimate add-on to help you detect -silly spelling errors in your emails or other documents prior to hitting on send option. 

In order to access Grammarly add-ins, you need to create your Grammarly account. You can easily work with MS Outlook via premium and free versions of Grammarly. 

I hope this guide was helpful. If you have any questions, let us know by dropping them in the comments section below. 


Are all versions of Outlook compatible with Grammarly? 

Grammarly for MS Office works with Outlook 2010, 2007, 2013, 2019, and 2016 and with office 365, which runs on Windows 7 or the new ones. 

How to use Grammarly to check emails in Outlook?

Once you have enabled Grammarly, it automatically monitors the text as you start typing an email. The suggestions and corrections provided by Grammarly are visible in the right-hand sidebar on hovering over the texts that are underlined. 

Can you add Grammarly to Outlook for Mac?

You can add Grammarly to Outlook for Mac. You can do it by simply opening the insert menu and clicking on get Add-ins. In the search box of add-ins, type Grammarly. From the search results, select Grammarly and click on install. Once the add-in is installed, click on its icon to launch it. 

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